Dissertation Statistics Consulting

Dissertation Statistics Consulting

Dissertation Statistics Consulting

Professional statistical analyzes for a Ph.D. in Metodolog.pl. We offer advice based on experience gathered in the context of diversified scientific and business projects. The metodolog.pl team provides analytical solutions corresponding to the high requirements of universities and scientific journals. As part of our projects, we respond to reviewers’ reviews and criticize „their” criticisms and concerns. We strive to provide our services and statistical ideas to clients and to comply with the highest global standards of science. Our professional statistical analysis services for Ph.D. will satisfy anyone who wants to have peace of mind in terms of the scientific quality of the methodological and computational part.

Dissertation Statistics Consulting – Professional statistical consulting and analyzes for a dissertation in various fields of science (psychology, medicine, physiotherapy, economics, management, etc.)

We perform dissertation consulting and statistical analyses in most areas of science and their specializations. Except for some technical sciences, we provide professional statistical solutions in all sciences, their branches, and specializations. The eyes of our team have seen everything that could be seen in science and statistical methods used in various areas of scientific activity. Many years of experience in working with clients results in the fact that we teach a lot to our clients, and we ourselves learn a lot from them. We would like to encourage new clients to exchange experiences and implement new and wonderful scientific projects. One of our client groups is Ph.D. students who do not have advanced statistical skills and want to trust a reputable provider of statistical and methodological solutions (they often do not have time for statistical analysis).

The way of cooperation with Ph.D. students
Doctoral dissertations are usually well-thought-out research projects with high research methodology. How we work with doctoral students depends on the level of advancement of their projects and their theoretical knowledge.
Dissertation Statistics Consulting. Usually, doctoral students come to us with data and hypotheses, as well as entire theoretical models in order to perform appropriate calculations that verify their predictions.
Cooperation then involves the doctoral student preparing a short brief (or presentation) consisting of methodology, the primary theoretical constructs, key variables that correspond to the constructs and predicted results. Working on such a project preparation is like going down a slide. The project gets very smoothly with small consultations at the stage of implementation of the specified subsections of statistical works.

Our approach to dissertation statistics consulting

In everyday work on projects for PhDs, we use professional statistical analyzes aimed at correspondence 1 to 1 with a Ph.D. student’s vision. Nevertheless, we are trying to add icing on the cake, suggesting to Ph.D. students methods of data analysis that can significantly increase the level of science of their doctoral projects. Most often we recommend doctoral students use multivariate methods, modeling of structural equations, as well as network analysis, meta-analyses, Bayesian statistics, and other modern computational methods.

We must emphasize the fact that nobody is an alpha and omega, and also does not know everything. However, most people can learn everything, with more or less success. In our company, we can learn new and previously unknown methodologies and methods of analysis, implementing them into our clients’ projects.

Do you need statistical consulting and services in publication preparation?  We encourage you to contact us.

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Dissertation Statistics Consulting